Converting 4-color cmyk fonts to 100% black

Convert PDF four colors (CMYK) black to 100% black


When to use it?

If 4-color cmyk black fonts or graphics are in pdf. These fonts or graphics will not print sharply with definite contour.
If the font in the document included as image and not as font, then this conversion will not resolve the problem. The conversion would work in case of fonts converted to curve (font as vector graphics element) either.

What part of pdf is affected by it?

Not only the fonts, but the similar black graphics can be converted to 100 % black.

What to watch for?
Conversion occurs only when cyan, magenta, and yellow are greater than 50% and black is greater than 60%..
Conversion exists: 51%, magenta: 51%, yellow: 51%, black 51%
There is no conversion: cyan: 51%, magenta: 51%, yellow: 48% black: 71%
1. Font as font in the pdf.
2. Font as image in the pdf
3. Four-color cmyk font.
4. Four-color cmyk font for each color.
5. Result: 100% black.
font as font
font as image
cmyk four-color font
cmyk four-color font
100% black letter