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Why the PressPDF?

Because it provides simple and quick solution for daily problems in case of printable PDF. All operations can be used with a single uploading. The result can be checked continuously.

For whom is it prepared?

For all people who wish to prepare printable PDF, including printing company personnel or enthusiastic amateurs, who plan to take own materials to printing company.

Why is it unique?

Because it offer professional solution for almost any problem, which might occur in relation to PDF taken to a printing company.


Checking the RGB CMYK color space Shows PDF color spaces. CMYK, RGB, GRAY, pantone or other separated color.

Color, color spaces of PDF: CMYK, RGB, GRAY, Pantone


List of Pantone, separated colors List of separated colors in the PDF. Pantone or other spot color.

PDF separated color, Pantone colors


Checking the quality of photo. DPI resolution. Provides information about the quality of your PDF photos. Number and resolution of photos in PDF in dpi.

Resolution of image in dpi


Embedded ICC color profile Is there any ICC profile in the PDF? What kind of color profile is included in the PDF? List and data of embedded ICC color profiles.

ICC color profile of PDF


Bleed, crop size, crop marks Has the PDF a crop size? The full size and the crop size in mm. It provides review of sizes of pages in case of document having multiple pages.

Checking the crop size and bleed


CMYK 4-colour black font The black letter also contains 100% black or CMYK components.

Checking the black fonts


Embedded fonts Does the document contain data of all fonts? It provides the list of non-embedded fonts.

Embedded fonts


Layers PDF has one or more layers?



CMYK Maximum pigment CMYK Maximum pigment

Maximum pigment


PDF/x printing standard Was the printing material prepared according to PDF/x standard?

PDF/x standard


CMYK RGB color space conversion PDF color space change. Convert RGB color to CMYK color in PDF file.

RGB CMYK conversion


Converting color PDF to gray tone black If you only want a single color print and the PDF consists of multiple colors, you can convert a single color black grayscale PDF with one click. This document is suitable for printing in black, gray, or spot color.

Color Gray conversion


Converting Pantone to CMYK If the document contains Pantone color or other direct color, then it can be converted to CMYK format easily.

Pantone and direct color converter


Converting CMYK fonts to 100% black CMYK black font in PDF. Make a 100% black font. Create black and white text.

Four-color black font


Deleting ICC color profile Not all ICC profiles are suitable for CMYK printing.

Deleting ICC color profile


Combining the layers When creating a PDF, layers remained in the document. It is recommended to merge the layers. The possibility of errors when printing is reduced.

Combining the layers


Preparing bleed, crop marks and crop size Create bleed and crop mark to PDF easily.

Bleed, crop marks, crop size making


Preparing bleed, crop marks and crop size Edit PDF for Printing House. Create bleed and crop mark to PDF.

Bleed, crop marks, crop size making


Increasing or decreasing the size of PDF Enlarge and reduce PDF. It can also be reduced or enlarged according to the trim size.

PDF size modifier


Cropping, trimming document You can easily crop parts, and prepare documents again from them which are suitable for printing.

PDF cropper


Deleting page You can modify the content easily. Deleting pages, inserting pages, removing pages.

Deleting pages


Saving page You can modify the content easily. Deleting pages, inserting pages, removing pages.

Removing, saving pages


Adding page You can modify the content easily. Deleting pages, inserting pages, removing pages.

Adding pages to the PDF


Add a blank page to the PDF. You can easily add a blank page to the PDF. The size of the blank page matches the size of the other kills.

Add a blank page to the PDF


Increase or change the background of a PDF. If you want a larger margin or expand the PDF. You can increase the background of the PDF in any direction.

Increase PDF background


Create PDF from jpg, tiff, png images. Convert images to print PDF. The end result: cmyk PDF with catwalks and clipping marks.

Convert jpg, tiff, png images to PDF

Verification and conversion

PDF registration color conversion. Registration colors conversion.

Check registration colors (graphics elements and letters) and convert.


Image data in PDF. Image extract from PDF.

Images from PDF. Color space, resolution, dimensions.


PDF pages by colors. PDF pages by colors.

Number of color, black-white and blank pages in multi-page PDF.

How does it work?

Just like an individual program on your computer. A number of operations can be executed after installing the file. You can check the results of the operations, you can open PDF without downloading. It is enough to save it on your own computer after completing the work.

What do I get?

A PDF checking list, which can be printed or saved in PDF. For resolving problems with 17 individual modules. The end result is a professional printable PDF with cmyk color space, crop size and crop marks.

Safety of your data.

The location of processing is an individual server working in a European cloud, operated according to the European GDPR regulations. Your data will be deleted after 30 minutes. No saving or copy is made about the uploaded files.