Setting the type of bleed

When to use it?

If we wish to prepare a printable pdf with bleed provided with crop marks. Adjusting the type of bleed.

What part of pdf is affected by it?

The pdf will consists of an image and the crop marks.

What to watch for?
Important texts, images, logos should not be located too close to the edges of trim.
Adjusting the graphics and size of bleed:

3 mm bleed All the first four selection buttons create 3 mm bleed. The difference is only in the type of graphics of the bleed. The difference cannot be seen sometimes.

0 mm: The trimmed size of pdf is identical to the document, there is no bleed and there is no plus white frame.

5, 8, 10 mm white frame: it is also possible to establish plus white frame within the cropped size.
How to use it?

Front view of the document having no bleed.
Pdf with bleed and crop mark
Pdf without bleed
Pdf with crop mark, 3 mm bleed.
Pdf with 5 mm white frame and crop marks.
Pdf with 8 mm white frame and crop marks.
Pdf with 10 mm white frame and crop marks.
3 mm bleed
3 mm bleed
3 mm bleed
3 mm bleed
There is no bleed
5 mm white frame
8 mm white frame
10 mm white frame
Crop size with crop marks.